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Nested clay bowls

Image3 clay bowls, with different glazes. The bottom bowl is the “cauldron” — a hand-built pinch bowl with handles on either side. I glazed it with 1 coat temoku and at least 1 coat of haystack yellow. The middle bowl is the best of the lot. It was hand thrown, with a good wheel cut base. I painted that one with green slip hatch marks, and then later glazed it with a orange-white shino layer, followed by a covering of mint green over it. The smallest bowl was painted with black slip at the base (easier to see in the Flickr photos on the right, then Chun’s blue inside and on the lip, followed by shaner clear on the outside and a bit of the inside.

The Gardener was willing to be a hand model, and helped me set up a bit of old cement paving for photography. The neighbors probably have stopped looking out their windows and wondering what’s happening in our yard, after years of me crawling in it to get pictures of flowers.

MIA – one mud bowl

Image Went to the kiln to be bisqued, even though it’s slightly tilted. The suspicion is that I pull on the left even though I’m on a right-handed wheel.

Or I’m very, very inexperienced. Both are true.

But it’s MIA since last week, and I’m eager to find it and put glaze on it. Maybe wenshu blue, or something else. More photos once I’ve found evidence of more mud pies that look like they’ll make it. Very little to read except mud pie, and a picture which looks quite drab. For real reading pleasure, may I suggest:

Cornflower Books has a lovely discussion of a Dorothy L. Sayers classic (yes, I’m re-reading as fast as I can so I can comment. It’s one of my favorite books).

Edited to add: found the bowl after the last firing. Now I have to wait until the Easter season is over to get a chance to work on it.

So, today I made… more mud pies

Today I managed to have 2 pots “blow out” on the wheel, and got a third gingerly off the wheel intact. We’ll see if it is too stressed from water to actually cohere. I am hoping to get some time during the week to go back to the studio and do some experimenting.
I guess the color in this day’s post is “mud”. 🙂
The Rainbow-shot (sort of like a moonshot over the week) was inspired by Lolly’s Project Spectrum. I’m not sure if she’s still doing the project on Ravelry, but there’s also a Flickr group that gets updated with peoples’ photos.  Thanks, Lolly, for inspiring me to find a corner of my porch that works almost like a lightbox in the early morning.
You might wonder why I didn’t do ROYGBIV. It’s all the fault of Captain Noah and his ark (thank you regional kid’s television).  Now I’m trying to figure out if I want to do another week long project.