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It’s 2021

Orange cat with paw almost obscuring the lens of the camera. White and black whiskers, pink nose, amber eyes.

All I can think of doing right now is tapping the metaphorical mic and ask, “Is this thing on?” A global pandemic has made every celebration a bit odd. We’ve been reading the news, about infection spikes in different countries’ populations. I have fingers crossed for family, friends, and former and current work colleagues. Hopefully we can squeak through to a world where visiting a museum or traveling to see parents is worry-free.

So, how is it going in your neck of the woods / corner of the world / sleepy burgh / oddly quiet city? There is more peace and quiet now that the fireworks on random evenings have stopped. Christmas catalogs from 2020, as well as Christmas letters have arrived. Maybe the last of these will show up by Valentine’s Day? Who knows?

The holidays have been a bit of a blur

houseolightsHope everyone has a great time for New Year’s Eve. Do people go out anymore? Maybe I’m showing my age?

If you’re driving and are too tired to get back to your hotel/home/pied-à-terre…

…. call a taxi. The rest of us will thank you for it. And don’t add lights to your housing display while drinking eggnog sloshed with alcohol, or after 2 martinis (what were they thinking ?).

Present hopes

Present hopes

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2009 seems to have been hard for a lot of people: Family losses, job losses, new job stress, and the news media acting more like a bad-news blog that yammers about every uptick and downtick in the world (while not reporting on important things like 7 car pileups unless they’re half a world away). I’m hoping we all find safe, appropriate ways to celebrate this change of the year, and that 2010 is a bright shiny package filled with good things.

Keep safe! I’ll be back blogging once I’m done partying like it’s 1999 (hey, the picture is of purple wrapping paper — you wouldn’t imagine me skipping out on a “the artist formerly known as” reference).

My Quick Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Work hard.
  2. Learn new things (we’ve already practiced “life is hard in 2008” so I’m hoping I get to learn “life is rewarding in 2009″… or start language tapes to deal with a ginormous daily commute).
  3. Save up for travel.
  4. Love being in love.*

My less grandiose resolutions:

  1. Finish some of my WIPs in the knitting pile.**
  2. Continue reducing clutter.*
  3. Sing more.
  4. Set aside time to write, draw and paint.

*Some of these are carryovers from previous years. Some of them have been easier to keep than others.

**I currently have one pair of socks barely begun and 2 gifts that are still on the to do pile, giving me guilt. So, any carryovers from 2008 of projects or goals you still want to accomplish? Spill here! 😉