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What is a four letter word that falls from the sky



Map here:

The NOAA site is wonderful (the link I think will allow you to visit other parts of the site too). I think they should start up a collection among all us weather geeks, so we can help fund it, just in case the US Government decides we don’t need early warnings about tides, currents, blizzards, and tornadoes.

Looks like the rest of the week is clear for my area, though. So maybe I can get ready for Christmas/family events. It’s a busy month.

Snow in early December

snowyfigtreeIt’s quite beautiful. Although I hope we won’t get the ice cover they’re predicting. I spent part of the morning shoveling out. It doesn’t look like I did anything now. But I shouldn’t feel bad — the local church got plowed out, and now their lot is covered again. The neighbor across the way shoveled, and now he needs to redo his work. Hopefully the fig tree doesn’t mind the snow and possibility of freezing rain.

So, it’s a day for shoveling, then sitting by the fire, drinking hot cocoa and knitting on mittens.  Maybe baking cookies for Christmas, then freezing them.

Although with all this talk of weather, I went to the site to see what was going on in other parts of the USA. It gives my cold toes a bit of perspective. I found that they have a museum installation that’s in London, in Paris, and in lots of places around the USA: Science on a Sphere. Details on what it is are at this link.

So, how about you? What’s the weather like? (everyone in my family asks that when you call. I’d assume everyone else has the same sort of conversation with their loved ones at a distance.)