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Simple knitting projects – socks

I have nicknamed this project “Miami vice socks” or “Tequila sunrise socks” because the yarn looks like an explosion of colors from Miami South Beach (the neon pinks, the greens and blues of the ocean, the yellows and oranges –> it’s either that, or it’s yarn inspired by Fiesta Ware). The pattern is simple: Adult Socks by Dierdre Wallace.

I will admit the yarn colors are complicated. They’re from Regia, and are meant to be for children’s knit socks or clothing. There are still a few places that seem to sell Flusi das Sockenmonster, but I think the color I’m using has been discontinued.  Which is a pity because it’s a pretty nice yarn to knit with, with lots of fun color changes (thanks Regia). (I just made the mistake of looking at Webs’ online catalog. I’m kind of glad they’re not down the street from my house. I’d be broke, and we’d need better storage.)

Spider mum

Spider mum by rjknits
Spider mum, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

We’re all feeling a little bit frazzled and tired, now that normal working hours are back. Me, I think my tact is broken. How about you? But the Chrysanthemum festival at Longwood Gardens — that is worth going to see!

Orange and other harvest shades

Orange adds warmth to a picture, hints at sunshine, and lingers like the memory of the sunbleached fields of autumn. It also lingers like the memory of kitchen stoves and refrigerators of my childhood (in the Harvest Gold era, when there were also burnt umber ovens and tangerine-colored culottes). The colors of copper and gold can both seem orange, depending on their shades. But the best color I’ve ever seen has been on Scotch bonnet peppers, with their promise of heat.

This photo is of some lusterware, a polymer clay art piece by the Gardener, and the edge of a mango. As in the other “shooting the rainbow” posts, I’ve put more color inspiration photos here, Including at least one where my camera’s reflection shows up in the shiny surface of the luster pattern.

Buckeye butterfly

Buckeye butterfly by rjknits
Buckeye butterfly, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

I’ve been seeing more and more butterflies. I’ve seen monarchs, and a couple of other species. But this one was the only one ready for its closeup. 🙂

Experiment with Pearl watercolors

Since today is the first of many days with weak sunlight, this is the best my camera will be able to do.So, what do you think? Try the Yasutomo watercolors out on darker watercolor paper? Or try using them to accent things where I want a bit of shine, even if the background is white?

the color of the earth fades to the sky

These are the days the earth begins to fade,

The leaves fall from the trees, dropping like

Scarlet lacquer on the saw grass…  like amber

Gems on black pavement. Their beauty turns

Brown, to dust — and the bare branches and

Hilltop towns are ink sketches against

A sky painted by a Master.

© rjn, 2010

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