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Inspiration – quilt colors

Hanging on our walls:

inspirationquilt The colors aren’t quite true in this photo, but there is the burgundy and green(s) and periwinkle I’ve been thinking about. On Friday, I wanted to go to the quilting store to get swatches so I could play with color combinations more, but I had to work late. Paint chips aren’t letting me visualize how color would work together.

How nuts is it for me to want to go to a fabric store or big box crafting store on the week of Thanksgiving? If I do manage it, I will try to get photos of different fat quarters, or acquire said fat quarters to see how they look in the light.




Choosing colors

So… how do you choose colors for something big?

I’m fine with paint choices on something small like a room. I’m fairly confident in choosing yarn colors (confession: years of sock knitting mean that *bright* colors do not frighten me). But now I’m thinking about something very large, that won’t be a knit accessory, won’t be hidden by cuffs, and won’t be changed for about 5 to 10 years.

How do you choose colors for an aging Victorian house that’s been painted butter cream for ages, without much contrast in trim? The previous owners replaced the porch with a deck (or maybe the porch had fallen off before they arrived), and in 1910, probably, the original owners tried to update the look to be more modern and less “fussy”.

How do you choose colors when everyone else with a similar house has decided on butter cream, blue, steel grey, or all white? Do you get a huge board and just paint it different colors and put it out in your front yard to see how it looks in different light? Or do you do what I’m tempted to do: paint it light burgundy with white trim and green and periwinkle accents, and avoid talking with the neighbors until they calm down?

Here are a few color combinations that I thought worked on the web:

New Orleans house

I’m also getting ideas from quilts online: purples, greens, and white: Lone Star Country Bride Quilt.




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