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Pearl watercolors

Who knew that the Yasutomo paints I talked about in my last post would have such satisfying results. Sheer, with a shiny sheen. So now, it’s time to find cold-pressed dark watercolor paper. Or maybe these can be used less like watercolors on sheer paper, and then layered over something else.

If the paint doesn’t fade while it dries, I’ll take a picture in the daylight of my doodle. 🙂

Unsettled days of summer

The last few weeks have been ones of change, not just for immediate loved ones, but for many of the people I know. Heat waves, earthquakes from Virginia, and now a hurricane visiting the whole east coast of North America, from what the weather forecasters say. Everything feels unsettled, unfinished, and kind of just left… hanging….

So, I’ve been playing with my camera, wondering what I’m documenting exactly, besides a dilettante crafting life. Project spectrum this month is “pink”. To which I think, “eh, OK, photos then.”

But I’ve found DMC tatting thread in my stash that’s fuchsia, as well as a Pearl Watercolor Set from Japan. So, perhaps if we lose power due to the storms I’ll accomplish something. Will be uploading more images of pink to my flickr albums. Maybe something interesting will pop up in the sidebar of this blog.