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Lathyrus latifolium – wild sweet pea blooms

wildflowerssweetpeaWhen visiting the US National Arboretum, I stumbled over patches of spring ephemerals (spring beauties, wild violets) and then a patch of hundreds of what looked like sweet pea blooms or rogue snap dragons. After looking through the US Wildflower database, I ruled out rabbit-pea/goat’s rue (Tephrosia virginiana), round-leaved tick trefoil (Desmodium rotundifolium), and crown vetch (introduced). I think it’s just wild sweet pea blossoms (Lathyrus latifolium). What do you think?

Spring has sprung

There are slow motions toward spring cleaning. Emphasis on the “slow”.

It’s hard to work up enthusiasm for cleaning while the outdoors is so beautiful….

Blooms at the arboretum

Blooms at the arboretum

We went to the US National Arboretum last weekend, before the weather turned cold again. There were so many people hiking, basking in the sun, and taking photos. The azalea gardens are a great draw, and they have already started.

We did not see the latest attraction — the bald eagle’s nest — because the roads were closed off to pedestrians and cars, to protect the new pair. It’s been about 70 years since there was a nest at the arboretum, so they’re being quite thorough (including volunteers guarding the roadways to keep us tourists out).

The bees made up for no sightings of eagles on wing. I caught a photo bee-2015-natlarboretumof one in the ornamental quince bush in the Chinese gardens.

Happy 2015


First sunset of 2015

Greetings from my little neighborhood to yours. May your 2015 be happy and healthy, with lovely walks in the blue hours of the evening. Lovely sunset tonight — I did dash out in the cold to take photos without a coat.

Moon over Oregon Ridge Park

Moon over Oregon Ridge Park by rjknits
Moon over Oregon Ridge Park, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

A quiet moment — the moonrise last weekend over a lovely wild park in Maryland. They were doing maple tapping last weekend, a sure sign that spring is coming.

Have you ever wanted to hug a building

… just because it sounds like it has overprotective parents?


The somewhat juvenile part of my personality wonders

  • What would they do if I just patted the side of the building?

(They missed the traditional sign of this neighborhood: “Do not spit.” It’s a classy town.)

Three examples of texture, terra sig, and carved tiles

  1. Top left: texture from 2 stamps, streaks of red clay sig and white clay sig, and black stain from copper carbonate.
  2. Bottom left: texture from one stamp, cobalt and copper sig, with red from tile showing through; black stain from copper carbonate.
  3. Right: red clay sig with pumpkin and vine carved design; black stain from copper carbonate; only one wrapping of aluminum foil so lots of charring from the pitfire.

Formica, courtesy of a much-beloved kitchen table. Next time I’ll do photo shoots on something less distracting. I haven’t added any shine with butcher’s wax yet, so you can see where the red clay sig shines from the buffing if you hold the pieces up to sunlight. And yes, I think the one on the top left and the one on the right are really an attempt to create my own pottery shards… I’ve also done a few scrimshaw-looking ones with white terra sig. It’s all fun.

Check back for: pictures of sock knitting progress, if the sun cooperates.

Monarch Butterflies under the microscope

Monarch Butterflies under the microscope

The monarch butterflies are supposed to migrate this time of year. (Link here: Our backyard has attracted many more this year than last. Photo from an event of butterfly collectors (that I feel somewhat conflicted about).