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Yellow, including a green and yellow basket

Yellow is sunshiny, bright, and cheerful. It can go from subdued and muted, to loud and bold. From the pale yellows of sorbets to the loud yellow of bright sunflowers.
It can be a challenge to wear. Thank heavens that daffodils embrace the challenge, cheering up spring with their nodding heads. More photos on flickr here.

Beachcombers from Kansas, Friendship, ME

Their car plate was from Kansas. But what would inspire a couple from Kansas to drive across the plains and up to Maine, other than tempting tales of lobster?

Perhaps they wanted to look at the pewter-mirror sea, balance on the rocks, gaze at a windblown sunset, and dig for clams. Or perhaps they were driven by hot, sultry, summer days to dream of cool pine breezes, and they wound up at sunset on a public landing in Friendship, Maine.

Color series: white

Color is coming back to the landscape. The other day, I got to go on a walk with my camera.

The dirty white snow has been replaced by snowdrops:

snow drops hint of spring

And yet, the color white has many different shades in late winter, early spring. For instance, dried flowers that look like the ghosts of summers past.

I am doing my own prep for Project Spectrum, studying different colors in nature and the urban environment. Anyone else doing their own prep while waiting for the projects to start?

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