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Advent Calendar – 26

Koln city lights
Christmas lights in Koln / Cologne, Germany

It’s Christmas Eve, and hopefully if you exchange gifts with family and friends, you’ve managed to either have things shipped from you or have made plans for a safe tradeoff. Things here, due to cutbacks on postal service, are a bit muddled. We’ve decided to celebrate anything that gets through as “hurrah! just in time for New Years / Groundhog’s Day / Valentine’s Day!”

We’ll be celebrating quietly by ourselves, reading books and listening to choral concerts from last year. For my friends who don’t celebrate Christmas: don’t worry, I’ll go back to normal posts after the advent season is over.

Advent Calendar – Day 16

A view in the Swiss Alps

Daydreaming about being up in the mountains, and having more of a view than a city scene. Best health and wishes to you.

At home with cats

We had an outdoor visit with one friend (who dangled a string outside on the porch, to Raphael’s delight). But mostly we’re staying home except for things that must get done:

  • Going to get provisions (food market or pharmacy)
  • Mailing letters/packages to family
  • Evening walks when most people are indoors

Unfortunately, the mosquitoes are out and about. This limits outdoor time, although I’m considering a brisk afternoon walk to return a library book (and look at neighbor’s gardens). This indoor time gives me opportunities to snap photos of Raphael. So here’s my beautiful model in the morning light.

Orange cat looking to the right. Radiator and window with sunlight in the background. Purple walls, white window frame, green leaves outside.
If you look closely, there are two cat faces….

Cats and photography


His Most Serene Fluffybutt enjoying the sun porch

No videos to show here. I haven’t quite worked out what platform I’d want the videos to be on…. But I have videos and photos of horse jumping contests, sheepdog contests, races I’ve attended, and video after video of my cats (kittenhood to old age). Does anyone else do it too?

I spent a few minutes hunting up videos from when Malkin was still with us, and when he and Leia were best buddies. Those were amazing days for both cats: Leia would lie near him and hope he would wash her ears. I only got video once. But it’s proof that before Malkin got sick, he was a sweet, thoughtful cat.


I think if he hadn’t been so calm and placid, we wouldn’t have Leia now, because she never would have calmed down enough to be pet (or be A pet). Our rescue princess is 15 years old…. and I feel we’ve all reached an amazing milestone.

Countdown to a blue moon

Step outside at sunset on July 31st, and this will finally be a full, blue moon [NASA explanation here].


But right now we’re just counting down (and maybe humming along to the Nancy Griffith song, Just Once in a Very Blue Moon, although that might just be me (possibly better sound here)).  And admiring the daisies in the neighbor’s lawn, as well as black-eyed susans by garden gates. Hopefully, if you are dealing with summer’s hot weather and grass allergies, you have beautiful flowers to enjoy in the early evening.


Happy 2015


First sunset of 2015

Greetings from my little neighborhood to yours. May your 2015 be happy and healthy, with lovely walks in the blue hours of the evening. Lovely sunset tonight — I did dash out in the cold to take photos without a coat.

Visiting a Rathaus in the rain

Fountain in the interior courtyard of Hamburg's Rathaus -- look at all that rain!

Fountain in the interior courtyard of Hamburg’s Rathaus — look at all that rain!

When in Europe, sometimes the weather isn’t picture postcard perfect. I’ve seen rain, snow, and shockingly hot weather (if you’re somewhere that normally doesn’t need air conditioning). When in Hamburg, it rained. So we went out anyway, and enjoyed looking at statues — to the left is a detail of the Hygieia-fountain [it honors victims of a cholera epidemic] in the interior courtyard of the Hamburg Rathaus. Continue reading ‘Visiting a Rathaus in the rain’

Fictitious Dishes

Fictitious Dishes

An NPR interview with a photographer (Dina Fried) who took quotes from literary meals, and photographed them from above for a book. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole project. I kind of prefer some of the photographs in people’s blogs, where they try a recipe (with a link to the recipe) that seems to go with a meal in the book. Worth looking at the pictures, whether you agree with the artist’s interpretations or not.


Glass decorative ornaments at American Craft Council

Lovely, looking like glowing barley sugar candy… I’m told craftspeople make these as a way to get people to seriously think about buying something, even if they cant buy the art glass. They’re still delightful, and make me think of sunny spring days.

Not quite house beautiful

We’ve had a rare flurry of activity — a trip to picnic with friends, guests 2 weekends in a row, concerts to attend, and the normal excitement of getting a garden ready for summer. Last week, I washed off the deck chairs with soap and water. We started work on taming the rogue hedge in the front yard. And, because there were guests coming, I treated myself to a very delicious selection of fruit at the market. By the end of one 4-person dinner, the entire large bowl of fruit I prepared was empty. I think I ate most of the cherries that were in the lot. But… easy, and I didn’t need to heat up the oven.

I do think the photo is funny, though: Victorian transferware bowl, on a formica topped table (probably from the late 50s early 60s), and a classic still live for berries from May. Not quite “The House Beautiful”, yes? It isn’t quite as candid as Magnusmog’s post about the items around photos that she crops out (although I hadn’t seen this particular breakfast table cleared of everything since sometime in December, if I would be honest).