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Countdown to a blue moon

Step outside at sunset on July 31st, and this will finally be a full, blue moon [NASA explanation here].


But right now we’re just counting down (and maybe humming along to the Nancy Griffith song, Just Once in a Very Blue Moon, although that might just be me (possibly better sound here)).  And admiring the daisies in the neighbor’s lawn, as well as black-eyed susans by garden gates. Hopefully, if you are dealing with summer’s hot weather and grass allergies, you have beautiful flowers to enjoy in the early evening.



Visiting a Rathaus in the rain

Fountain in the interior courtyard of Hamburg's Rathaus -- look at all that rain!

Fountain in the interior courtyard of Hamburg’s Rathaus — look at all that rain!

When in Europe, sometimes the weather isn’t picture postcard perfect. I’ve seen rain, snow, and shockingly hot weather (if you’re somewhere that normally doesn’t need air conditioning). When in Hamburg, it rained. So we went out anyway, and enjoyed looking at statues — to the left is a detail of the Hygieia-fountain [it honors victims of a cholera epidemic] in the interior courtyard of the Hamburg Rathaus. Continue reading ‘Visiting a Rathaus in the rain’

Glass decorative ornaments at American Craft Council

Lovely, looking like glowing barley sugar candy… I’m told craftspeople make these as a way to get people to seriously think about buying something, even if they cant buy the art glass. They’re still delightful, and make me think of sunny spring days.

Frames and vistas 2

Garden gates can increase your desire to see what’s on the other side, but sometimes the best frames for nature are natural ones. These trees:

…were hiding a beautiful sunset over Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

I did walk to the end of the pier, and watched as the sun went down. As I walked back from the harbor, the full moon was rising above the harbor park sign. Sadly, I don’t have any really good photos of it. I was too busy gawking.

the color of the earth fades to the sky

These are the days the earth begins to fade,

The leaves fall from the trees, dropping like

Scarlet lacquer on the saw grass…  like amber

Gems on black pavement. Their beauty turns

Brown, to dust — and the bare branches and

Hilltop towns are ink sketches against

A sky painted by a Master.

© rjn, 2010

Taking over the view

shadowsfallonDallasOK, this is sort of a silly photo shot, but I was wondering if I would be able to catch my shadow on a the window during a sunset. Not only did I do so, but I also caught the reflection of my camera. I was 40+ feet up in a hotel, looking out a plate glass window over Dallas… and well, it’s sort of startling.

One shadow menaces the Comerica skyscraper across the way, while an even larger hand with a camera is reflected off to the right. It isn’t good photography, but it would make a marvellous scene from a sci-fi story. Debbie only Did Dallas… she didn’t menace it with gigantic shadows.

Latest news from people who don’t have to get up early in the A.M.: so far the Phillies are doing better this game (10:42 PM on a Monday evening). Go Phils!


The art of the ladies room

OK, this may be a little off the usual blog entry that people expect here.

I’ve started a photo series exploring what the ladies’ room of today looks like, now that we don’t have fainting couches and Perleman windowsuch waiting in the lounges of department stores. The most I’ll ever show is mirrors, sink, tile, etc. The rest of the facility I’m editing out (unless I’m in the Victoria Albert Museum and there’s a museum exhibit of the swan toilet from the Victorian era). Thank you Philadelphia Museum of Art for opening the Perleman wing. The quality of light throughout this museum… well, there’s a lot more to the exhibit than just the art — the light is mesmerizing. I did get some great shots of large glazed pottery urns in the light in the main exhibit hall. But the real fascination started with the photo to the right, because the light coming in a bathroom window was just amazing. And then, I saw the sink and realized that American Standard and all sorts of other sink manufacturers would love light like that in one of their catalogs. Since I was in a museum, had a camera, and was absolutely alone (I would never use a camera if there was someone else there…. ew!) I shrugged and took the photo.

Sink in Perleman Wing

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