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Advent Calendar – Day 2

The flowers this year were wonderful. Here a visitor is sampling nectar.

Photo of pink flowers with a bee in the center of one of them.

Easter surprises

eastereggThroughout last weekend, there were tiny surprises…

The drive was easy this year. I made it to church on time, and the choir and music was splendid. The resident cat I visited is still in perpetual kitty skitter mode, so I guess she is a mobile surprise unit (special opps cat?). I hope any of the surprises of your past weekend were delightful and not unpleasant. It’s been a long hard winter. It’s time to delight in Spring (I have Wordsworth’s “The Prelude” out for my reading table. Not sure why I think of that and springtime. Maybe the time reflects when I studied Romantic poetry in college.)


Praying mantis, September

Praying mantis, September by rjknits
Praying mantis, September, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

The bees are such a delight this time of year, and the praying mantis loves to lie in wait for them among the flowers.

A knitter’s vacation

I spent 3 days solid, without real computer access, ignoring the television. And, in the mornings I hiked in the desert, then knit in the shade in my own private window porch, complete with a small table, chair, and bench. 3 lucky days spent in Arizona (Wild Horse Pass Resort — really nice). I tagged along and got a real vacation.

My own little roost — just me and the pigeons next door (and the view of more mountains in the distance, over miles of scrub, sand, and barrel cacti):


After lunch there was the option of swimming in an 85°F pool, while gazing out at the mountains in the distance (If my math is right, I think that’s 28°C), going to a spa, or retreating to the library to read about local history when it was too hot outdoors. What lovely options to choose from, when the weather I left at home was 32°F/0°C, with sleet.

Autumn arrived on a pink carpet

Chrysanthemums seem to herald autumn, from their scent to their showy blooms. These pink ones compete easily in the seasonal drama of fall, with the showy leaves of sugar maples, sweet gums, and sassafras.

Mimosa time

ImageOne of my favorite trees is, alas, invasive. I spent my early years in a small house with a mimosa tree growing in the backyard. Every year, I’d have picnics for my dolls underneath its branches. I still love the peacock crest-like flowers and the lovely scent. (it’s from Asia, and is also called a Silk Tree). I’ve been disappointed that Mimosa cocktails do not taste like the scent of its pink blossoms, probably because they’re made with citrus fruit juice.

So, what plant do you love, even though you’ve been told it’s a weed or an invasive?


ImageWhen I was growing up, I had a needlepoint of “The Pink” on my walls — lovingly stitched by my Grandmother. Since it would have been from a kit or a pattern, I wonder how many other girls had these? I much preferred the rendition of “Blue Boy” that she did in the set. Maybe because pink disappeared on the creme canvas, or I just couldn’t imagine Pinkie wanting to play baseball or tag.

I’ve grown to love blush pinks, and light pinks in flowers or in gemstones, but I’m unlikely to wear too much pink. Instead, I’ll delight in the flowers on this tiny demitasse cup (or the pink violets in the fields). So how do you feel about pink? Is it fun, youthful, or just a delight of spring? More inspirational pink can be found here.

Experiment with Pearl watercolors

Since today is the first of many days with weak sunlight, this is the best my camera will be able to do.So, what do you think? Try the Yasutomo watercolors out on darker watercolor paper? Or try using them to accent things where I want a bit of shine, even if the background is white?

Pearl watercolors

Who knew that the Yasutomo paints I talked about in my last post would have such satisfying results. Sheer, with a shiny sheen. So now, it’s time to find cold-pressed dark watercolor paper. Or maybe these can be used less like watercolors on sheer paper, and then layered over something else.

If the paint doesn’t fade while it dries, I’ll take a picture in the daylight of my doodle. 🙂

pink violets

pink violets by rjknits
pink violets, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

Hope everyone’s Easter Holiday was wonderful. (Or you had a wonderful Saturday and Sunday, if you got to take the time away from work… or you’re in the midst of Passover [if I’ve done the math right, it’s still on for another day]). These violets smell like SweeTarts candy [from before Wonka became part of their brand.. and there were still lime ones], and they’re celebrated as a really wonderful event (even though they’re very small). It’s amazing how much impact something so small can have on one’s mood or the neighborhood.

The Gardener dug in the Fall, like paid to do it, and now the northern part of the yard has gorgeous tulips in lots of happy colors nodding for the mail deliveryperson. Lovely pink bells with white stripes, red, or yellow ones.  The weather here is so warm, that the lilac is blooming on the south facing side of the yard (I’m hoping to get a picture before the blooms are gone).