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Maryland just isn’t

…very merry, sometimes. And it’s filled with grinches in the government who won’t vote for a bill unless they think that everyone else will, or who suddenly remember their constituents. Which would be why it will be difficult for some people to marry here. I hope there are lots of people who go over the Mason Dixon line and further north in order to buy:

1. Matching tuxedos

2. Matching bridal gowns

3. Floral arrangements, boutonnieres

4. Rings

5. Large orders of wine and champagne

I hope they have lovely swanky weddings with receptions in locations that are grateful for the business. And I honestly hope that this backwater actually wakes up and realizes that yet again, we’re stuck in the role of the southern stereotype, from both the liberal and the conservative side. (The Gardener has pointed out that their are bigots in the North too, sigh, so this has been amended.)

Congratulations, politicians, you may see a creativity and technology brain drain happening in your neck of the woods.  Massachusetts and the cold has never looked better. Grumble.

I’ll go back now to my normal fretting about Japan and Australia. But here, at least, I can take down names and effect change with my ballot.

To California, Arkansas, Florida, and Arizona

… and all the special interest groups….

Dear killjoys: Congratulations on voting in hate. [Boston’s winter looks very attractive right now.]

Perhaps every glbt [or straight] couple who wants to get married, who wants equal rights, should just make arrangements to go to every state in the union, and have unweddings in their friends’ living rooms. And then mail a nice picture of the un-ceremony to any of the special interest groups that helped push this legislation through, with an explanation on why they weren’t invited. Keep it clean. Don’t call them bigots or hateful names, since tiny minds have big, ugly [litigious] egos. Just let them see we can throw a better, cleaner party than they can.

People who legislate against happiness and who try to take away the rights of people (including those of minors to be adopted) are just such crumbs.

No More Robocalls Please

Just when you think you’re done with robocalls, the technology starts getting used by the people who want to sell me a new mortgage. Just: “Don’t be alarmed….” Pftt.

I’d like to make one plea for all my friends on both sides of the line in this divisive country: Be gentle with each other and be gentle with your hearts.

For those who supported President Elect Obama, just remember what it felt like in 2004 when everyone was hooting and hollering about their candidate winning. There were a lot of harsh words said then, on both sides. I’m sure we haven’t scratched the surface of mean spirited things both sides can say. We don’t need to go there.

For those who supported McCain, be proud that he was eloquent, gracious, and a lot more gutsy than most of us would be in a difficult moment. He left on a classy note, made me proud of America, and made me hope he gets to serve his country in some other way (perhaps as an advisor or cabinet member). Of course, I was raised an Independent and think that’s totally reasonable. Perhaps it’s not.

For everyone in the USA who voted–we’re all winners. At my polling place, I saw mothers corralling children, people with canes, people confined to wheelchairs, Dads calling their wives to say they were almost done and would be home to take care of the kids while the Moms voted, and an amazing level of calm on a busy day. People stood in long lines, dealt with difficult referendum questions, researched bond issues, then voted for the best candidate. We dealt with a day filled with upheaval, a nail biter of a night watching returns, and today’s sleep deficit. We all deserve a cookie.

I’m sure everyone outside the USA is glad the whole thing is over and we can stop talking about voting, etc. Now we can get back to the normal stuff, like knitting, food, and cats.

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