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Perfect Labor Day, with lots of mental rest

Today was beautiful:

We walked over to see a movie at the corner theatre (Ghostbusters), ate pizza out with friends, then talked with them about the summer while eating plum cake (that I made last night).

The weather outside was foul — humid, steamy, and filled with ragweed pollen. Much better to have a little neighborly kaffeeklatsch in the living room to discuss trips we’ve had, or vacations others are planning. Oh, and Ghostbusters was a total blast, and held up surprisingly well although kids today would never believe a musician could live in a penthouse in NYC. 

So, anyone catch any good movies at the end of the summer season? I’ll probably go back to see Helen Mirren’s latest, but if there’s a film from the UK coming my way that I shouldn’t miss, please let me know so I can watch for it.

Hope everyone had a good labor day, and spent a few moments at least remembering why we have this holiday and remember: look for the union label (am I showing my age maybe?).

Supergirl goes back to school

It’s back to school week, and the kids in my neighborhood and the others who attend the public schools have school uniforms to wear. This morning I saw a proud Mom taking pictures of her son (and I would assume his best friend), out in front of a brick house. Both boys were dressed in dark blue button-up shirts, khaki slacks, sneakers, and back packs. Near one of the Catholic schools, plaid skirts and plaid slacks were everywhere, as kids sulkily walked over to the schoolyard. As I got closer to downtown, almost before the turn for the warehouse district, I saw a girl waiting for the bus. She had the normal city school uniform of blue button down shirt, khaki pants (although these stopped before the ankle), sneakers, and blue anklet socks with the Superman logo on the front. This version of Supergirl wears her hair up in a bun on top of her head, and she definitely isn’t a blonde.

And all I could think was –> awesome. Hope the first day goes well. I hope you have a few “Supergirls” in your neighborhood who are ready to tackle their algebra homework. 🙂

The character, Supergirl, has her own website page here:

She’s the new kid on the planet with extraordinary strength and skill. Cool, hip and totally independent…Supergirl’s here to make things better for Earth girls.

Off-topic, but interesting: the company Super Hero Stuff sells knee-high T*RDIS socks for Whovians.

You know that clothing designers hate women

….when you have a closet filled with shirts in the following sizes: 14, 5, 8, 10, and 12 all of which do not fit. In some cases, the size 8s are elephant large. In one glaring case, the size 14 is too small — a victim of a designer using “stretch” fabric to make it “figure conscious”. Feh. Not much knitting going on these days. Instead, a question:
Is it wrong to want to see if we can fill the BP oil spill with fashion travesties? Some of it would be petrochemicals going back home. And some of it might have enough cat hair stuck in it that it would attract more oil. (If BP can have top hats, then I can have the flounce solution.)

[I know this is totally inane and frivolous, but clothing is one of those things you can’t do without, and sometimes it is irritating.]

Love isn’t just for one kind of people


Love isn’t just for one type of person. I keep seeing ads, and they just seem to be for the normal love claptrap. Girl meets guy, some faux pas happens because of this and girl and guy inexplicably wind up together in some way. Or, guy meets girl(s) and has to choose who he’s going to be with. (By the way, Sandra B, way to go on bucking this trend with your award-winning movie.) Meanwhile I think, “Wow, I think this is why I don’t go to movies anymore.” The only movie trailers that seem to come on when I’m watching t.v. seem to be for things that are whiter than rice, more normative than I think my parents were back in the 60s, and filled with so many cliches it makes me just want to pick up a good book.

Meanwhile, the weddings in DC have started. Friends are trying to get the license and vows done before the US govt decides to take the right to get married away again (as in “psych, you don’t deserve this you evil evil people who have been paying taxes for the past 50 years”). This isn’t Hollywood slapstick, or made for tv drama, but real life. It’s also much more interesting and exciting than fiction. And, actually, it’s going to take about 20 years or more for Hollywood to learn how to handle this new type of romance right, so in the meantime I’ll look for my romantic comedy on the library shelves.

Mock Culture

It’s been a Hard Day’s Night, as done by Peter Sellers impersonating Richard the III. Go here if you haven’t seen it yet. 🙂

An argument to Beethoven’s 5th, all done with music.

Teaching ravens to fly underwater (Moore and Cook).

I think Peter Sellers is the best of the lot, but Sid Ceaser and the comedy timing of the argument might work better for more people. Enjoy!

All things embittered

… and other manglings of popular culture, television program names, and brand names.

Confessions of a word mangler:

  1. I’ve subbed the nickname “All Things Embittered” for the Natl. Public Radio Program “All Things Considered“. It’s a weird linguistic fondness when I create weird nicknames for things. (I must love this show, since I listen to it while I drive my car all the time.)
  2. There’s a bank that I have nicknamed “First Rust”. Yes, I grew up in the rustbelt of America. (In this case their logo inspired me, and no I can’t help this one. I’ve banked at other weird places, like one called “Chemical” and at least i think of iron when I see their logo too.)
  3. “This Old Louse” and “This Old Spouse” are nicknames for “This Old House” on Public Television (Follow the link — it’s filled with interesting stuff for home reno)
  4. Some politicians are guilty of moral twerpitude.

I can’t think up clever nicknames for things like “American Idol,” “Lost” etc. That is possibly because I don’t watch them. Or it’s because I find the original names unimaginative. Anything on a roadway with a logo is fair game, otherwise I’d expire with boredom on roadtrips without the opportunity of mangling the name of a company — Laceys, Foodline, SEPTIC, Aint to Trouble You. I sometimes wonder if everyone does this.

Disney and Dolly Parton

Dolly and Disney. Which is more of a cultural miss match — the princesses and Alice table dancing or the fact that the white rabbit is her boss?

(It’s been pointed out that this is probably the most fun the character dancers ever got to have when dressed up for work.)