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Wishing you the bluest sky

I’ve been traveling lately. And sometimes, the clamber is worth the view. The picture on the right was taken (I think) at Burnt Head, on Monhegan Island, Maine. One can quite see why the artists clamber around on cliff sides with their easels strapped to their backs.

Lovely calls of gulls as they wheeled overhead, cedar waxwings back in the bits of forest, etc. The Gardener and I took it slowly, mercifully meeting only one or two people going down when we were climbing up the paths through the underbrush. No sprained ankles, luckily.

In keeping with the “blue” theme of Project Spectrum and July, we spent one evening relaxing while looking at the water on the left, sipping on Bombay Sapphire gin and tonics. It was a wonderful way to unwind.

I’ll probably limit most of the vacation photos to Flickr, since mostly they’re pictures of sky, water, surf, and oceangoing vessels. Possibly not all that interesting to my readers. However, I did visit Tess’s Designer Yarns in Portland and Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine, so there will be photos of yarn for the knitters in the future.


Red azalea from backyard

Red azalea from backyard by rjknits
Red azalea from backyard, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

Since I’m not the Gardener, I can’t really tell if this is an azalea or a rhododendron. Project Spectrum 5 has started, with red as the first color. [And, somehow, I lost the rest of this post, so I’m typing like mad to reinsert the quote I found, at least.]

“Bees and butterflies are generally not attracted to red flowers because they lack visual sensitivity to that color.” David Lee. Nature’s Palette: The Science of Plant Color. Published by University of Chicago Press, 2007.

the color of the earth fades to the sky

These are the days the earth begins to fade,

The leaves fall from the trees, dropping like

Scarlet lacquer on the saw grass…  like amber

Gems on black pavement. Their beauty turns

Brown, to dust — and the bare branches and

Hilltop towns are ink sketches against

A sky painted by a Master.

© rjn, 2010

Color series: white

Color is coming back to the landscape. The other day, I got to go on a walk with my camera.

The dirty white snow has been replaced by snowdrops:

snow drops hint of spring

And yet, the color white has many different shades in late winter, early spring. For instance, dried flowers that look like the ghosts of summers past.

I am doing my own prep for Project Spectrum, studying different colors in nature and the urban environment. Anyone else doing their own prep while waiting for the projects to start?

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