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Birds on hands

birdinhand-palmsGuess the finishitis inspired by winter worked.

I’d have to check on my knitting in Ravelry, but I think these were started years ago during another Olympics.

Purple and violet

Purple is another favorite color. I nearly made myself late to work, because I couldn’t stop shooting photos of little collections. Some people see purple and think of it as another kind of red, or another kind of blue. But for me, it’s this wonderful color (leaving out purple dinosaurs from the equation). Winter pansies, spring’s striped crocuses — there’s been a lot blooming around here that just makes me smile. More photos of purple will be found here.

A little dose of color in winter

Sometimes, you need a little dose of color to cure the winter blahs. We’ve been having such a mild winter, it seems ridiculous to admit it — but I’m feeling kind of “blah” this month. Maybe I need a snowfilled landscape to feel like I’m living in and through winter (instead of waiting for it to start).

If you feel blah or blue about the weather, museums offer little pick-me-ups of color. Like Tiffany columns tucked in a corner, glowing like fantastical mixes of Egyptian and Roman art (with a bit of  Mardi-gras style thrown in). Lovely. Having a sunny day was lovelier though.

Hope your spring blooms are coming up slowly, and you have time to enjoy the seasons changing. I know other parts of North America have been shoveling out. Around here, not so much. It’s just dingy grey a lot of the time.

Present hopes

Present hopes

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2009 seems to have been hard for a lot of people: Family losses, job losses, new job stress, and the news media acting more like a bad-news blog that yammers about every uptick and downtick in the world (while not reporting on important things like 7 car pileups unless they’re half a world away). I’m hoping we all find safe, appropriate ways to celebrate this change of the year, and that 2010 is a bright shiny package filled with good things.

Keep safe! I’ll be back blogging once I’m done partying like it’s 1999 (hey, the picture is of purple wrapping paper — you wouldn’t imagine me skipping out on a “the artist formerly known as” reference).

Noodling about, thinking about a dreamswatch shawl

Koigu KPPPM dye code P820I have some Koigu that I’m swatching today. I will see how the swatch(es) knit up (size 0 needles, but they’re square needles so the gauge is really small), and then think about what I want to do next. It may all depend on what the yarn feels like when it’s washed. Options include:

  • Dreamswatch (7 to 15 repeats of the pattern) for a kind of shawl or stole if the yarn does not wash up to be as soft as I hope
  • Socks (that’s a ravelry link — it’s for the Interweave Knits Windowpane socks, and would need a background color)
  • A baby hat (no pattern in mind, but it needs to be soft!)

I kind of wish there was more olive in the yarn, because that would have made it visually fight less. It’s always interesting the difference between the nicely coiled hank and the yarn balled up or knit up. Of course, it’s always interesting to knit up items that have marinated for a long time in the stash drawer. I can’t remember which pattern I originally thought I’d do. So, think the dream swatch shawl would be a good idea?

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