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Knitting: Teenie preemie baby beanie

tpbbUsing the last of the Flusi das Socken Monster yarn, I created a little baby beanie. Rav Link here. This was a satisfying and short project, with yarn-overs to give a lacy pattern. The picture closest to color is here, but I think I’ll have to wait until a sunny day and a better camera to take this picture with the help of Mrs. Bannister.

The pattern is out of my own imagination, with the yarn-overs chosen in clusters of 3 (one yarn over on a row being joined by 2 yarn overs above it, to make a sort of trefoil).

Orange and other harvest shades

Orange adds warmth to a picture, hints at sunshine, and lingers like the memory of the sunbleached fields of autumn. It also lingers like the memory of kitchen stoves and refrigerators of my childhood (in the Harvest Gold era, when there were also burnt umber ovens and tangerine-colored culottes). The colors of copper and gold can both seem orange, depending on their shades. But the best color I’ve ever seen has been on Scotch bonnet peppers, with their promise of heat.

This photo is of some lusterware, a polymer clay art piece by the Gardener, and the edge of a mango. As in the other “shooting the rainbow” posts, I’ve put more color inspiration photos here, Including at least one where my camera’s reflection shows up in the shiny surface of the luster pattern.

Purple and violet

Purple is another favorite color. I nearly made myself late to work, because I couldn’t stop shooting photos of little collections. Some people see purple and think of it as another kind of red, or another kind of blue. But for me, it’s this wonderful color (leaving out purple dinosaurs from the equation). Winter pansies, spring’s striped crocuses — there’s been a lot blooming around here that just makes me smile. More photos of purple will be found here.


So, is green the color of rebirth, or just a color of joy? I’ve never quite been able to figure that out, although the greenness of new plants in springtime fills me with joy at the rebirth of the season. The smell of new ferns coming out of the dirt can be wonderful — a sort of green scent.

Since it’s also a color of Winter (evergreens, Christmas celebrations), it’s kind of hard for me to pick. I just know that I have lots of green around the house, besides potted plants: 2 purses, 1 cell phone, costume jewelry, blouses, yarn, skirts, hats. It’s one of my favorites, as well as a color that fills the environment I live in — from spring through autumn at least. So, I limited myself here to a few books, a favorite cup from Budapest, and a lovely bit of sock reinforcement yarn. I’ve done more studies of green here.


ImageWhen I was growing up, I had a needlepoint of “The Pink” on my walls — lovingly stitched by my Grandmother. Since it would have been from a kit or a pattern, I wonder how many other girls had these? I much preferred the rendition of “Blue Boy” that she did in the set. Maybe because pink disappeared on the creme canvas, or I just couldn’t imagine Pinkie wanting to play baseball or tag.

I’ve grown to love blush pinks, and light pinks in flowers or in gemstones, but I’m unlikely to wear too much pink. Instead, I’ll delight in the flowers on this tiny demitasse cup (or the pink violets in the fields). So how do you feel about pink? Is it fun, youthful, or just a delight of spring? More inspirational pink can be found here.

Yellow, including a green and yellow basket

Yellow is sunshiny, bright, and cheerful. It can go from subdued and muted, to loud and bold. From the pale yellows of sorbets to the loud yellow of bright sunflowers.
It can be a challenge to wear. Thank heavens that daffodils embrace the challenge, cheering up spring with their nodding heads. More photos on flickr here.


I’ve been thinking about “red” and looking at my bookcases, and in my dresser to see if I have anything (beyond lipstick) that would work for the red theme. I’ll be shooting most of my pictures (that aren’t outdoors) on a small side table that’s seen a lot of wear, because it’s a neutral surface that gets light.

In the meantime, here’s a link to my red collection on flickr. Enjoy!

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