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Maryland just isn’t

…very merry, sometimes. And it’s filled with grinches in the government who won’t vote for a bill unless they think that everyone else will, or who suddenly remember their constituents. Which would be why it will be difficult for some people to marry here. I hope there are lots of people who go over the Mason Dixon line and further north in order to buy:

1. Matching tuxedos

2. Matching bridal gowns

3. Floral arrangements, boutonnieres

4. Rings

5. Large orders of wine and champagne

I hope they have lovely swanky weddings with receptions in locations that are grateful for the business. And I honestly hope that this backwater actually wakes up and realizes that yet again, we’re stuck in the role of the southern stereotype, from both the liberal and the conservative side. (The Gardener has pointed out that their are bigots in the North too, sigh, so this has been amended.)

Congratulations, politicians, you may see a creativity and technology brain drain happening in your neck of the woods.  Massachusetts and the cold has never looked better. Grumble.

I’ll go back now to my normal fretting about Japan and Australia. But here, at least, I can take down names and effect change with my ballot.

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