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An Unexpected, Away Weekend

Long story short, I was at a knitting retreat over the weekend, taking a friend’s spot at the last minute (she was unable to attend due to an emergency). It was kind of overwhelming (although there were no malevolent monks involved, ala Chattam, of which I am deeply grateful). Lots and lots of driving (I carpooled with my friend, Anj). Drove all the way up to Massachusetts and back again. Spent some time knitting, took a class on knitting two pairs socks at the same time on one circular needle (note: this is easier and harder than I thought it would be, and the teacher was a saint), and ate some pretty wacky food. Found an amazing cookie factory in Troy, NY (I think this is the link to the company). Got to pet llamas on my way home. And, generally, had as good a time as I can have away from the Gardener and the cats. Wish I could have seen my family and friends who were an hour or so away, but it didn’t end up being that kind of trip.

Yes: I brought home cookies for the Gardener to sample. Yes: I was greeted by more clean spaces, a more insulated house, and a pretty card. It was good to be away and learning new stuff and meeting new people. But it’s better to be home again, even if home involves HVAC people in the basement and insulation people above my office, and no hope of a bathroom for hours.