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PS3 Fire and Earth Revisited

Rose from a golf course in New Orleans

Rose from a golf course in New Orleans

Butterfly earrings
Butterfly earrings

The first element in Project Spectrum was Fire — orange, red, and pink. February and March, I was knitting on the Sampler Socks (Little Child’s Socks from Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage Socks). Finished those finally and managed to post about them here on WordTapestry.

I branched out and made some butterfly earrings. The findings were found in a fabric store. Each earring had 1 earhook, 3 headpins, 16 burgundy red seed beads, 6 orange Swarosvki (R) bicones, and 1 fuchsia colored butterfly. Two pairs of needle nose pliers, and I was ready to start making the loops to keep the headpins on the earhook loop. Much chasing of beads in the kitchen later, I had two good tries at earrings. Of course, these earrings aren’t meant to be worn with openwork shawls or beloved sweaters. They catch too much on threads in shirts and necklaces.

I also played with crochet, but the results may end up being someone’s holiday present, so for now, I won’t show you that one. Instead, here’s a rose from a New Orleans golf course, taken in April but definitely part of the element of fire.

The rose also fits in with the second element in Project Spectrum —

Amazonian Sock Draped on a Radiator

Earth. Note: the project I worked on for PS3 were the Amazonian socks and not much else during April and May. I did take photos of lots of flowers and gardens on trips and in the home garden, some of which made it to my flickr account.

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