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Advent Calendar Day 21

Day 21 is a visit to the Strathmore Sculpture gardens. It’s a lovely place to visit, especially before a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concert at the Strathmore Arts Centre right outside of Washington, DC. I hope to go back and enjoy the inside of the museum associated with the garden, since they have juried art shows, and other art exhibits indoors. If you’re visiting DC without a car, both gardens, mansion and the music venue are easily reached by a Metro stop.

Bird bath by unknown artist. Strathmore Sculpture Gardens, Bethesda, Maryland.

We’re getting close to the final days of Advent. Yes, I didn’t provide art every day like planned, mostly because work got in the way. We’ll see how much I get scheduled before I have to focus on further house staightening to hide evidence of Christmas prep. Here is bonus footage from a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra performance. (It shows tour footage from when they got to perform in the UK.)

Frames and vistas 1

While traveling, sometimes it’s fun to look at what frames a view, then look at the wider “vista”. Here is one “frame”, courtesy of the Milwaukee Art Museum:

Drawing back you can see the full view:

Two Piece Marble (Rangatira), 1968-1969, by Barbara Hepworth

MAM has a lovely collection of artwork, overlooking Lake Michigan.

So, what have you seen up close and far away that altered your perspective?

(This post brought to you after inspiration from Magnusmog’s lovely blog, where she sometimes see the bigger picture outside the frame of her beautiful cropped photos.)

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