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First lightning bugs sighted at the corner of Church and Graveyard

6 days ago, on our evening walk, we saw lightning bugs. The other night I saw a bat out of the corner of my eye.

The official start of summer hasn’t happened yet, but summer seems to be sneaking in with heat, humidity, and shore traffic. And my thoughts skitter off to remember the delights:

  • Sitting on gnarled rhododendron branches that stretched over the edge of the lake at Girl Scout camp.
  • Or lazing in a hammock on the wrap around porch at my great aunt’s house, reading an Agatha Christie novel.
  • Walking to get popsicles with my father near the lake.
  • Fish boils at family reunions.

(And now because of my search, I’ve started watching a very gentle public tv show about Northern Door County… yes, it shows fall weather, but beautiful shots of the lake).

So, anyone else have summer vacation memory triggers?

Pausing on a day with frost nipping at my nose

…to note that a local bookshop cafe’ has rosemary hot chocolate. It’s lovely, and was great to find on a raw November day when I had nipped in from my car to pick up a sandwich.

I do wonder how they made it — rosemary simple syrup? Rosemary infused milk and then add the chocolate like in this recipe? Apparently the M Restaurant in Philadelphia makes rosemary hot chocolate, and searching by G**gle provides you with cafes in Portland Oregon that also have it on the menu. For those of you who don’t like hot chocolate, or who live in an environment where hot food isn’t welcome (Bermuda? Aruba? Australia in December?), here’s a recipe for rosemary chocolate ganache with orange.

Morning sunrise in July

Morning sunrise in July by rjknits
Morning sunrise in July, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

Sunrises have been beautiful this week — mostly because of unseasonably cool mornings. Via Flickr:The sun traverses a path along the front street in summer

Pumpkins at the orchard

Pumpkins at the orchard

It is officially autumn here. The little kids are getting their photos taken while sitting on pumpkins in the apple orchard. (I took a utilitarian Hubbard squash home, as well as enough apples to make a pie, I think.) Some of the trees are blazing orange as their leaves turn. And like always, I look on autumn as the start of a new year. I do miss the trees back where I grew up, dripping sugar maple leaves onto the streets until it looked like Midas touched them. It was lovely, and bittersweet.

Feeling jetlagged without taking a flight

Whyfor did the US and Canadian governments think it was a time savings (or a benefit) to jump into Daylight Savings Time/Summer Time before everyone else in the Northern hemisphere? I like a good sunrise along with the next romantic… but I’m sleep deprived, hungry most of the time, and trying to arrange to talk with people in other parts of the world who either do not “celebrate” daylight savings time or who are going to switch later on in the month.

The US population can thank the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and the bright sparks who decided to add an extra month of DST beginning in 2007. I’m not sure who the Canadians need to be angry at. So, no flight to an interesting place, just jetlag and allergies. 🙂 At least it’s sunny on the drive home.

A little dose of color in winter

Sometimes, you need a little dose of color to cure the winter blahs. We’ve been having such a mild winter, it seems ridiculous to admit it — but I’m feeling kind of “blah” this month. Maybe I need a snowfilled landscape to feel like I’m living in and through winter (instead of waiting for it to start).

If you feel blah or blue about the weather, museums offer little pick-me-ups of color. Like Tiffany columns tucked in a corner, glowing like fantastical mixes of Egyptian and Roman art (with a bit of  Mardi-gras style thrown in). Lovely. Having a sunny day was lovelier though.

Hope your spring blooms are coming up slowly, and you have time to enjoy the seasons changing. I know other parts of North America have been shoveling out. Around here, not so much. It’s just dingy grey a lot of the time.

Autumn Offers Her Beautiful Face

… and the sun shines through the last few of the leaves on the trees, like stained glass.

Birch leaves

Birch leaves

We took one more walk around the neighborhood, before the autumn chill knocks all the leaves onto streets and lawns. The streets are paved with gold and they still sleep under an overarching canopy of oranges, red, and russets. The fig leaves are turning slowly turning yellow, then dropping off the trees. And while its leaves are turning from green to red and orange, the forsythia is sporting yellow blooms.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, filled with beautiful gardens to gaze at and birds to watch (including yellow chickadees and black crows). May we all have such beautiful days ahead of us, filled with that bittersweet hope that changing seasons bring. And yes — there’s a lot of raking in my future too.

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