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The cats, as expected, were up to no good

I went on a short trip, overnight, leaving the cats to their own devices. When I returned, alongside the normal evidence of cat debauch, I found the sad lambswool insert from one of my slippers, lying slain near its slipper. We know which cat is the culprit.
X has always hunted the smaller shoes as his easiest victims… scrabbling away at a pair of work pumps with his hind legs, dragging slippers under the bed toward their demise, or chewing on sneaker lacing. The most memorable (and funniest) time was when he stuck his whole head into an unlaced size 5 boot, and then shook it around on top of his head, flailing with the back claws again. So now, the Gardener chuckles, saying “X has always loved your shoes.” I realize that I’m lucky he waits until I’ve removed the shoes before he hunts. (I’m also lucky that none of the hunting has harmed anything too badly. At the most, a bit of polish or a new shoelace does the trick.) X also likes my handkerchiefs, covets/steals certain socks, loves his snuff [catnip] etc. In short, I suspect him of being an 18th century dandy stuffed in a cat suit.

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