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Knitting: Teenie preemie baby beanie

tpbbUsing the last of the Flusi das Socken Monster yarn, I created a little baby beanie. Rav Link here. This was a satisfying and short project, with yarn-overs to give a lacy pattern. The picture closest to color is here, but I think I’ll have to wait until a sunny day and a better camera to take this picture with the help of Mrs. Bannister.

The pattern is out of my own imagination, with the yarn-overs chosen in clusters of 3 (one yarn over on a row being joined by 2 yarn overs above it, to make a sort of trefoil).

The beauty of garter stitch

garterwrapI’ve been enjoying doing some pretty simple knitting, lately, maybe because real life (translation: taxes, work, commuting) feels so frantic. When I needed to jump start my enthusiasm for spring in February, I knit this pretty simple neck wrap. Just a simple v (with increases on each side from the 3 original cast on stitches, some rows with yarn overs), and then followed by a scalloped edging in crochet. Ravelry link here to the project.

I hadn’t expected it to photograph quite so well. The Zitron Trekking sock yarn has nice color repeats, and both this and the tiny sweeter I did earlier in the year ended up being lovely.