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Many single stitches make a pair of socks

… and I feel like I remember knitting every single one of the stitches that made up my “Pinkie” project*. These socks are great, the pattern is fairly easy to “remember” as you go along, but they aren’t good knitting when you’re interrupted by a sidewinder (kitten).

pinkieSpecs for Socks:

Designer: Nancy Bush

Child’s French Sock

Knit in size small (I always have sock yarn left over, and these were 2 generous hanks of Shepherd Sock multi won during a raffle at a yarn retreat in Massachusetts). Yarn was donated by Lorna’s Laces in a special dye lot called “no yellow”, and it made a splendid multi-color yarn without flashing too much. I’d love to see what the dyer would come up with a “no red” colorway.

My Flickr feed is currently glacial, so I’m not sure when any of my pictures will pop up. But for now, here’s a photo of the obligatory sidewinder, duking it out with corn husks leftover from dinner:


* In case you’re wondering about “Pinkie”, like many children of my age, I had pictures lovingly hand stitched in Berlinwork/needlepoint of both Pinkie and Blue Boy on my bedroom walls. In my case, done by my grandmother.

Knitting continues – with kitten intervention

Having learned how to get about half an hour of uninterrupted knitting time (run the vacuum cleaner for a while – the kitten magically disappears), I managed to do one full pattern of Pinkie (Child’s French Sock by Nancy Bush). Which means I’m almost through the gusset of the second sock. I’d love to get these totally off the needles before August, or by the beginning of August.

My knitting lags when I have an active kitten participating in every moment of the day.

Knitting: Miami vice socks

Crockett and Tubbs’ wardrobe (from the 80’s show, not from the remake/movie), have nothing on these….


I knit up a small pair of Adult Socks by Deirdre Wallace using Regia Flusi das Socken Monster yarn (1800 zottel), and dubbed the pair “Miami Vice sunrise“. These will go in for a soak, then once they’re dry, they get stored in the gifting drawer for later on in the year. It’s taken me a little under 6 months to knit these, mostly because certain holidays (that I thought would be the deadline) and then family moving, and other family events got in the way. Interestingly enough, these socks are the right width in front for me, but too long, with a somewhat different heel from the one I normally do, even though they’re “small”. The recipient has slightly larger hands, so I’m guessing… and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. When I named them, I almost called them “Tequilla sunrise”.

Knitting progress, and glimmerings of new projects

Now that I’ve gotten back to the States, I’ve been going pretty fast (for me) on the Miami Vice/Tequila sunrise socks. (You’ll note they were started in October of last year, oh readers with Rav access. Yes. I knit pretty slowly.) As normal for a pair of socks, I need to tink back a little and add 2 more repeats before I restart the toes of the second sock (I got a little excited and started the decrease too soon, possibly while distracted by the US Figure Skating Championships. These were an optimistically started Christmas present until I decided maybe the recipient would enjoy a jar of quince jelly if she didn’t know about the socks. 🙂

Although, given the weather we’re scheduled to get this evening and tomorrow, and then Tuesday morning, perhaps the socks would have been very welcome warmth and color. I suspect there will be a lot less snow than the weatherpeople claim, but it sounds like areas to the north are going to be be busy digging out.

I’ve bought another bit of yarn (socks or another cowl) by Tempting Ewe Yarns called “Ewe so Sparkly” in the color Pixie. I need to think about whether it will be better as accent yarn with another sock yarn, or make a really sparkly cowl. Also, late last year I bought a kit to make a fair isle wrap (The Gardener pointed out the kit to me). This may be my year of selfish knitting, because I can’t imagine anyone else in the family who would ever wish to wear either.

So, is anyone else’s knitting for 2015 turning out to be for themselves and not for others for a change?

Simple knitting projects – socks

I have nicknamed this project “Miami vice socks” or “Tequila sunrise socks” because the yarn looks like an explosion of colors from Miami South Beach (the neon pinks, the greens and blues of the ocean, the yellows and oranges –> it’s either that, or it’s yarn inspired by Fiesta Ware). The pattern is simple: Adult Socks by Dierdre Wallace.

I will admit the yarn colors are complicated. They’re from Regia, and are meant to be for children’s knit socks or clothing. There are still a few places that seem to sell Flusi das Sockenmonster, but I think the color I’m using has been discontinued.  Which is a pity because it’s a pretty nice yarn to knit with, with lots of fun color changes (thanks Regia). (I just made the mistake of looking at Webs’ online catalog. I’m kind of glad they’re not down the street from my house. I’d be broke, and we’d need better storage.)

Supergirl goes back to school

It’s back to school week, and the kids in my neighborhood and the others who attend the public schools have school uniforms to wear. This morning I saw a proud Mom taking pictures of her son (and I would assume his best friend), out in front of a brick house. Both boys were dressed in dark blue button-up shirts, khaki slacks, sneakers, and back packs. Near one of the Catholic schools, plaid skirts and plaid slacks were everywhere, as kids sulkily walked over to the schoolyard. As I got closer to downtown, almost before the turn for the warehouse district, I saw a girl waiting for the bus. She had the normal city school uniform of blue button down shirt, khaki pants (although these stopped before the ankle), sneakers, and blue anklet socks with the Superman logo on the front. This version of Supergirl wears her hair up in a bun on top of her head, and she definitely isn’t a blonde.

And all I could think was –> awesome. Hope the first day goes well. I hope you have a few “Supergirls” in your neighborhood who are ready to tackle their algebra homework. 🙂

The character, Supergirl, has her own website page here:

She’s the new kid on the planet with extraordinary strength and skill. Cool, hip and totally independent…Supergirl’s here to make things better for Earth girls.

Off-topic, but interesting: the company Super Hero Stuff sells knee-high T*RDIS socks for Whovians.

Small hearts on sockas

Untitled by rjknits
Untitled, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

This year, I’ve been doing some charity knitting. It’s an opportunity to give back, but also a chance to try new patterns. The socks from the Made with Love Accessories pattern by Emma Crew were a fast, fun project. I found the pattern on Ravelry, and it was quick and a lot of fun. So, I guess this year I’m wearing my heart on my knitting. 🙂

Test driving knitting books

Now that I have discovered where [Fine Arts department, near the sheet music] the main branch of the library has stashed the knitting books, I am test driving The Knitter’s Book of Socks by Clara Parkes. I’m currently struggling with the same emotions I experienced when first reading Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.

How do you pick just one recipe to see if you like the book? Which sock is the one that will salvage my pink Lorna’s Laces yarn (it’s been tried on 2 sock patterns from other books already, and now I’m dithering between Stepping Stones, Isabella d’Este, or Darjeeling). The recipe that sold Classic to me was the chicken stuffed with 2 lemons, and I’m hoping to find something unexpectedly simple and fun in this test drive.

Knitter’s pulse check

1 pair of socks finished (Madder socks).

1 bit of mindless knitting cast on to “use up sock yarn”. It’s pretty much a triangle in self-striping wool.
I can’t decide if the self-striping will go rogue once the repeats have to go over ever-increasing territory. But beyond that, pretty mindless.

Later on next week, I will explore the latest boxes of “things Dad kept for me”.

Second sock syndrome

I’ve finally gotten past turning the heel on a second sock, and have reached the always discouraging “knit in same pattern until 3-1/2 inches from the end of where you want to be” stage. Eh. So how many nights of knitting 5 rows a night will it be before I’m surprised by progress? And how many dark, bleak days will there be, until I’m able to take a picture of that doesn’t look like mud? The yarn is so lovely (Mountain Colors Bearfoot, in the Alpine color combination).

If you want me, I’m lost somewhere in the second arch, knitting along. It’s the Lichen ribbed sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. The first sock turned out wonderful after a few broken knitting needles and gauge issues. You can check my Rav page for more details if you have access.

Next project: something on larger needles. But it may still be a “finish up” project.