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Spring peepers – the Chorus Frog

During a meeting late this afternoon, I could hear spring peepers in the background. The chorus started as a coworker droned on into the dinner hour over his slide presentation that may have been of interest to me*, but I just got distracted.

I began mentally estimating how many spring peepers can support themselves in the drainoff “pond” in the mist of the section of the office property with trees on it. And also, what does it sound like when everyone in the office park leave and the spring peeper chorus really gets started? Their song is a true sign of spring. The crocuses are also finally blooming in the front yard, so I hope that soon it will be time for afternoon walks again.

[Link to the sound here.][Link to the Department of Natural Resources article about the Northern spring peeper here.]

*Or it may not have. I’ll leave it a mystery.

Summer’s fitful nights

These are the nights when summer makes it difficult to sleep. The sun is out too late, indoors is too stuffy and hot, and the sirens and racing motorcycle noises come in through open windows. But, off in the early night, fireflies are rising up into the dark night. Frogs are heard singing if you live near a pond or gully. And the moon looms across the earth like a flat copper disc, filling the night with its silent presence.

There have been days when I have driven home, seeing the moon in the east, dipping itself in the reflected glory of pink clouds as the sun sets behind me. Gorgeous, breathtaking, hot, and not without the danger of a freak thunderstorm. One of these apparently roared through Philadelphia and hit one of its treasures — Bartram’s Gardens. Looks like they had some weather damage.

I have lived in a house with a yellowwood out front and a gingko and a relative of a Franklinia out back. If you have a Franklinia in your yard, join their census. If not, you have to see one of these blooming to believe it — it’s like candles slowly lighting up on the tree, white creamy blooms with a yellow center. Meanwhile, I am very satisfied to have a young Yellowwood in my front yard, and hope that someday I will get to see its magnificent display.

Open windows

Vermont mountains and thistleLet in the sounds

Of crickets and cicadas and peepers,

Singing and droning and zithering —

An orchestra of chirps, whirrs, and zuzzes

That arcs loudly away as the car passes.

Summer drifts in and out, the sharp,

Hot, humidity tempered with sweet

Corn tassels and hay scented skies.

Open eyes fill with bright blues,

Shocking yellows, soft greens, bright white,

Grey thunderheads, and the electrical pull

Between movement and sweet, dreamy


— (copyright) rjn, August 19, 2009

The Honkings Nearby

I live in a lovely residential area, but sound carries in weird ways. It bounces off of buildings as though from a canyon’s walls.

Right now, the sounds that have been bouncing in the window are:

  • A person with an attack of the randoms, screaming, “I’m trying to find out the answer, and not nobody knows nothing.”
  • Honking of horns
  • 3 sharp sounds that could be any number of innocent things (a neighbor’s t.v. drama) or not so innocent things
  • Young men’s voices saying, “aaaargh.” “No, like auuuugh.” (and then laughing — I suspect they’re recapping a movie they saw in that incoherent way of college freshmen)
  • And sirens of police vehicles, fire engines, or ambulances (this time heading away from my neighborhood, probably to where some of the noises come from)

Sigh. I had a lovely day of traveling around as a tourist in another town, looking in shop windows and eating at a really great tapas bar. I went to a yarn store and bought size 6 needles (24″ length) and a pattern for the swirl shawl. No, I didn’t buy any of the yarn. This was meant to be a stashbuster pattern.

Now I’m safely home, and things are back to normal (including the noise). Welcome to the city at 11:09 PM. Glad I’m not trying to drive somewhere. But I do wonder if that guy ever got an answer beyond blaring horns. Guess I’m having an attack of the randoms too.

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