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grasses snow

When clouds reach down to touch the trees,
Their sides snag on tree branches
Dragging against edges until —
Tear, rip, torn —
They spill onto the fields.
Snow drifts against the hedgerows.

© rjn, January 11, 2018

Quick notes on the poem: this was written after watching grey clouds race low across the sky, then seem to struggle in the trees on top of a hill. In the struggle, they dumped snow in an abrupt misty downpour. By the end, the clouds had disappeared into the other clouds above them. All that was left was a fine grit of snow over everything.

If I were a cartoonist, I would have drawn the snow squall as cloud ghosts who were wringing their hands and wailing, while the edges of their wrappings got tangled in the branches.

Quite a bit of rain, hail, and high winds

… and we ended up having a dress rehearsal by candlelight, because the church lost power. It is somewhat magical to be in a darkened room, with faint light coming from the windows, watching the shadowy form of the director (who is squinting at a page of sheet music faintly lit by a flashlight). One really does listen for the piano cues.

One of the songs we’re singing is “In the Morning, Joy“. Another is a rendition of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem, “Afternoon on a Hill”. Lovely stuff, and it’s amazing how much of our program we have memorized.

“B” Is Also for “Booties”

Well, baby booties (or stockings, in this case):

Cat Bordhi socks, all sewn up and ready to mail

Cat Bordhi socks, all sewn up and ready to mail

These were knit for a friend’s impending cyclone (a baby girl, who was early but hopefully fine). Colors chosen because, honestly, pink just blends too much with skin sometimes. So a light grey-blue seems to be in order, in cotton for August weather. The socks/baby booties are the ones in the Knit Happens post a while ago.

Specs: Light grey wool is Schoeller Esslinger Fortissima Cotton color 23.

If you want to make little wee stockings for small feet, check out the following resources:

For people who sew, check out Heather Bailley’s Design site (her blog is full of really great pictures of puppies at play and creative things). I looked at the Bitty Booties and thought “Oh, too, too cute. Wish I’d seen them before knitting!”

Then there’s a cute pair of knit booties that look like Mary Janes, designed by Sartje in the Netherlands. The link to the .pdf and the picture of the project are to the right of the text in the center. There’s also a book called “Simple Knits for Cherished Babies,” by Erika Knight, if one needs a book with many many patterns to knit up for that special newborn.

If you do crochet, there are lots of patterns to look at online. One pattern is here, from Roxycraft. And then there are ones suitable for a christening.

All said, I’m glad I took the chance to knit these for Project Spectrum 3 air. I learned to knit a new kind of sock and got a gift out of it. I’m practicing for the Philosopher’s House Socks, for myself. I’m getting less afraid of Cat’s unusual designs.

I don’t think I will be knitting many baby socks or booties in the future. My friends and family seem to have hit their personal happiness in number of kids (I just assume that anyway, until told otherwise). I’m content with showering the current group of young ‘uns with knitted mittens or hats now and then. Oh, and when I get the chance… just playing or going to the zoo or museums are great. And here’s a bonus picture of the Stormy Weather baby hat:

There Will Be Yarn

I finally finished a little project, nicknamed “Stormy Weather.” It uses up some of the Tess’s Sock yarn from an earlier project. It’s even edged with some other sock yarn from Lorna’s Laces. I got the Tess’s yarn at Maryland Sheep and Wool a while ago (one pair of socks, and portions of this tiny project — all from one skein).

It was challenging for me to work with gray and white, for the PS3 air project. Portions of it are a bit of a fudge on color: the “blue” in the piece is really a very, very light grey yarn called Schoeller Esslinger Fortissima Cotton. (Sorry, I think this lovely color is gone. I bought it at a close out sale of a shop that was getting rid of all its yarn because its bead business was more viable.)

The patterning on the top was accomplished with yarn-overs, for an “airy” feeling. The crochet pink/sage/blue edging is meant to look like the sun peeking through from underneath clouds.

It’s been a fun little stashbuster project, the perfect little challenge for a Project Spectrum 3 air piece. Since I didn’t have a pattern selected I noodled one out myself. Now I just have to send it out. Full view pics and more info of this one once it’s close to getting at its destination.

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