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A tiny sweeter

I knit a sweater using E Zimmerman’s February Baby sweater design. Interesting pattern, although I wanted something less likely to catch on baby’s fingers. I revised it to have less lace (one panel of the lace pattern on either side of the front of the cardigan). I knit it with sock yarn, further reducing the size, because I’ve been told this little one is going to be early. If she arrives home from the hospital too big and healthy for this little gift, I will be thrilled.
Kind of a Project Spectrum knit — blues, oranges, neutral browns, whites, purples. Can’t figure out how many different months those cover. The sock yarn was a brilliant choice, because it ended up creating a faux Fair Isle pattern on its own.

Just Call Me a Tinker

I just tinked back to the 2nd row of the pattern on the Honeycomb sweater. I couldn’t keep going forward without fixing my error. The only other vaguely interesting thing I did today was a morning spent cleaning up the yard and pulling out English ivy (darn invasive plant). So I’ve been filking along in my head with “Tink so good. C’mon baby let it tink so good. ‘Cause sometimes knits don’t go as they should so baby, rip so good.”

I know this is riveting stuff. 🙂

Gauge… Just Not Getting It

I’m plugging along on my knitting, with no pictures due to annoying camera glitches.

Size 6 needles give me too big a gauge for the purple Rusted Root pullover. I’m wondering if I should just follow the instructions for the next size down (I’m pretty close to the border), or go down a size in needles. Feh.

Not sure how much the cotton-merino yarn will stretch either (it’s Cascade Yarn’s “Sierra” blend of 80% cotton and 20% merino wool). I’m open to ideas, obviously, while I try to figure out what to do.

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