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Sometimes a simple interior reveals much more

I hate to admit it, but I thought the interior might be a bit boring. But the inside of plain red slip took the “shine” very well, and then the black stain ended up making the interior more mysterious. The result is something that looks ageless, and sections seem to swallow the light and others reflect. I now wonder what other simple things I’ve overlooked, not noticing the emotional feel of the play of light.

Sometimes the outside of a piece of pottery is complicated


Red clay pottery, made with a hump mold (egg half), with patterns from a pine stamp on the outside, and stripes of white, yellow, red, and a blue slip. The white and the red slip shine up the best. Then it was pit fired. Like people, sometimes pieces of work you create end up looking all flash on the outside. (I’ll show the inside tomorrow.)

Three examples of texture, terra sig, and carved tiles

  1. Top left: texture from 2 stamps, streaks of red clay sig and white clay sig, and black stain from copper carbonate.
  2. Bottom left: texture from one stamp, cobalt and copper sig, with red from tile showing through; black stain from copper carbonate.
  3. Right: red clay sig with pumpkin and vine carved design; black stain from copper carbonate; only one wrapping of aluminum foil so lots of charring from the pitfire.

Formica, courtesy of a much-beloved kitchen table. Next time I’ll do photo shoots on something less distracting. I haven’t added any shine with butcher’s wax yet, so you can see where the red clay sig shines from the buffing if you hold the pieces up to sunlight. And yes, I think the one on the top left and the one on the right are really an attempt to create my own pottery shards… I’ve also done a few scrimshaw-looking ones with white terra sig. It’s all fun.

Check back for: pictures of sock knitting progress, if the sun cooperates.

Element: Earth

I’ve had my hands on enough dirt now (in clay class), that I eye the mud slicks around town from runoff, and wonder… is any of that clay?Image

Here’s a terra sig pot, waiting for firing. You can see the sheen on it near the lefthand side, from polishing the clay slip. I did a tiny bit of sgraffito on the side. The terra sig that I used is hard white clay with avocado mason stain. This pot will go on to be bisqued, and then I think I’ll do a black stain on it, to highlight the pictures.

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