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Weather – always a great conversation starter

If you’re ever in the USA, and you’re out of things to talk about… skip politics. Almost everyone can talk about the weather (while Christian charity, or fear of offending, keeps some people from talking politics). Weather is safer than talking football (you can offend 10 out of 10 people easily with American football). But there are a few simple things about regional weather:

  • In the South/near the Mason Dixon line, people are a bit jittery about “the white stuff”.
    • This is why there’s the phenomenon of “emergency French toast”
    • If you don’t have eggs, milk or bread when the weather service forecasts 4 inches of snow, you won’t find any on the shelves
    • Take the day off to wait in lines — seriously
  • People further North look at blizzard conditions and think
    • Finally, time to play with the new snowblower
    • Thank g*d this isn’t rain
    • Please, let the [favorite shore place] survive the high tides

No matter where you live (tornado alley/Bible belt, earthquake country/California) there’s weather to talk about. And my family isn’t too picky: if there’s no weather phenomenon near us, we’ll talk about the flooding they’re having in the UK in Somerset [like something horrible out of Nine Tailors, actually], or a warm snap in Canada. Our current cold snap has encouraged me to finish a whack of projects, including the Bird in Hand Mitts. Photos as soon as they’ve had their dunk or have the ends woven in. Also — a new hat started, probably inspired by the news that they’re likely to get snow in Florida (thank you Polar Vortex 2/Alberta Clipper or whatever they’ve dubbed you), and the high, cold winds we have here.

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