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Interior thoughts on a knitting project

  1. I wish I had figured out how long the thumbs would be before knitting these mittens.birdinhand-stump
  2. I want to redo the Bird in Hand Mitts again, in a smaller scale (extra small here I come)
  3. I’d love to shorten the fingers and thumbs (but they’ve already felted beyond the ability to tink back).
  4. I wish I had known how great this wool would be — I would have acquired Foxfire Fiber Cormo Silk Alpaca for a hat and cowl.
  5. The colors I used were aster and white.

The wool just gets lovelier as I keep wearing the mittens. And the mittens are the perfect thing to wear on your hands during our deep freeze winters. But if I lived in Wisconsin or Michigan right now –> thrums would be better. They “marinated” in the projects pile since 2010 (started while watching the Olympics). This year, other projects that have been malingering are getting done.

Birds on hands

birdinhand-palmsGuess the finishitis inspired by winter worked.

I’d have to check on my knitting in Ravelry, but I think these were started years ago during another Olympics.

Untitled – after snowstorm 2

Untitled by rjknits
Untitled, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

It’s been a rough few days. They say more snow on Saturday. By then, I think I’ll be able to shovel again. But lovely for landscapes.

Thing 2: Round-up hat

Untitled by rjknits
Untitled, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

Miss Bannister modeling the latest in fashions. When I knit the first Round-Up hat, I realized that the pattern was true: you can knit 2 hats from 2 hanks of yarn. You just need to reverse the pattern color order. First time in weeks when we had enough sun a weekend to take a photo.

Silver among the green

Sometimes when you travel, you notice that seasonal decorations are somehow … different.

In this case, one window ledge decoration seems to span Christmas, New Years Day, and Valentine’s Day all.

Don’t look Mabel

Don’t look Mabel

Originally uploaded by rjknits

Like Garbo, the sheep at Maryland Sheep and Wool seem to want to be left alone. After having I don’t know how many people snapping pictures or sticking their fingers through their pens, I’m always amazed at how serene they are.

Of course, I’m the dratted paparazzi here.

Color series: white

Color is coming back to the landscape. The other day, I got to go on a walk with my camera.

The dirty white snow has been replaced by snowdrops:

snow drops hint of spring

And yet, the color white has many different shades in late winter, early spring. For instance, dried flowers that look like the ghosts of summers past.

I am doing my own prep for Project Spectrum, studying different colors in nature and the urban environment. Anyone else doing their own prep while waiting for the projects to start?

Rowboat and boat on banks of Lake Champlain

There are lovely places to hike near Lake Champlain. These boats were pulled up on a rocky ledge on the banks of the lake. I’m going through my pictures of sunsets overBeached boats the water, woodsy trails, wildflowers, and interiors from the Inn I stayed at. All very lovely. Some of them are appropriate for Project Spectrum and I’ve put them up on my flickr account on the sidebar. 🙂 Some may show up on these pages when they seem appropriate.

I guess it’s the sign of a good trip if you’re already hoping to go back again and figuring out ways to avoid lots and lots of driving.