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First lightning bugs sighted at the corner of Church and Graveyard

6 days ago, on our evening walk, we saw lightning bugs. The other night I saw a bat out of the corner of my eye.

The official start of summer hasn’t happened yet, but summer seems to be sneaking in with heat, humidity, and shore traffic. And my thoughts skitter off to remember the delights:

  • Sitting on gnarled rhododendron branches that stretched over the edge of the lake at Girl Scout camp.
  • Or lazing in a hammock on the wrap around porch at my great aunt’s house, reading an Agatha Christie novel.
  • Walking to get popsicles with my father near the lake.
  • Fish boils at family reunions.

(And now because of my search, I’ve started watching a very gentle public tv show about Northern Door County… yes, it shows fall weather, but beautiful shots of the lake).

So, anyone else have summer vacation memory triggers?

Frames and vistas 3

After gazing across Lake Michigan and Lake Winnebago and not seeing the other side… The Loch Raven Reservoir seemed quite tiny:

Still beautiful, though. All the sun was a welcome sight after a week of rain.

Element: Water, Peninsula State Park, Wisconsin

It’s been too long since the last time I was out on the rocks of Lake Michigan. When hiking out here, the lake sounds like an echo of the ocean in a cove. Water drums beneath the rocks, and you can imagine that not far away is the ocean, except there isn’t the tang of salt air. For me, the shore of Lake Michigan holds all the elements in one — water, earth, air (gulls flying overhead), and the smell of campfires. I’m hoping when I get to go back next time, the drought and heatwave won’t have caused too much damage to my favorite woodlands.

Via Flickr:From a trip back in 2005. Loved hiking near these cliffs.

Summer Looks Like

Now that it’s gone, I’ve been trying to figure out what was missing this summer.

Lake Michigan

Oh yeah… Lake Michigan. It’s full blown autumn there now. But this is what I think summer looks like. Stony cliffs, blueberry bushes, wildflowers, water so cold it turns your toes blue. Nothing like my backyard, although I’m getting to like the flowers and the nice things that can grow in warmer climates. So, how about you? Is it all Down-a-shore around you, or up in the mountains to get natural air conditioning? What do you dream of doing for summer vacation for next year?

And do you have any good plans for autumn? Hear it’s getting close to time for mulled cider.

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