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Gearing up for 2 concerts


  • Is your music in order? (yes)
  • Are your clothes neatly pressed? (working on it)
  • Do you have a cold? (yes — I’ll pack cough drops)

I’m currently panicking over music and the echo in the church, worrying that I’ll revert to second soprano in several places, and hoping the ice storms don’t come. But at least I haven’t been shanghaied to play the piano for a Children’s Chorus (a fatally bad Christmas day experience, when the normal choir mistress suddeblueangelnly took ill).

Anyone else singing for Christmas or Holiday concerts? Ours is very early this year, so we have lots of Chanukah music for a nice change (at least I hope the audience likes it). We’re also trying a song that will be very beautiful if we can hear one another to sing a cappella — The Real Group’s World for Christmas. If you’re over near Church and Graveyard, drop me a line. And if you too are struggling with concert prep, feel free to let me know. We can commiserate.