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Have you ever wanted to hug a building

… just because it sounds like it has overprotective parents?


The somewhat juvenile part of my personality wonders

  • What would they do if I just patted the side of the building?

(They missed the traditional sign of this neighborhood: “Do not spit.” It’s a classy town.)

Spider mum

Spider mum by rjknits
Spider mum, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

We’re all feeling a little bit frazzled and tired, now that normal working hours are back. Me, I think my tact is broken. How about you? But the Chrysanthemum festival at Longwood Gardens — that is worth going to see!

Not quite house beautiful

We’ve had a rare flurry of activity — a trip to picnic with friends, guests 2 weekends in a row, concerts to attend, and the normal excitement of getting a garden ready for summer. Last week, I washed off the deck chairs with soap and water. We started work on taming the rogue hedge in the front yard. And, because there were guests coming, I treated myself to a very delicious selection of fruit at the market. By the end of one 4-person dinner, the entire large bowl of fruit I prepared was empty. I think I ate most of the cherries that were in the lot. But… easy, and I didn’t need to heat up the oven.

I do think the photo is funny, though: Victorian transferware bowl, on a formica topped table (probably from the late 50s early 60s), and a classic still live for berries from May. Not quite “The House Beautiful”, yes? It isn’t quite as candid as Magnusmog’s post about the items around photos that she crops out (although I hadn’t seen this particular breakfast table cleared of everything since sometime in December, if I would be honest).

Yellow, including a green and yellow basket

Yellow is sunshiny, bright, and cheerful. It can go from subdued and muted, to loud and bold. From the pale yellows of sorbets to the loud yellow of bright sunflowers.
It can be a challenge to wear. Thank heavens that daffodils embrace the challenge, cheering up spring with their nodding heads. More photos on flickr here.

Seagull in a pool of water

Seagull in a pool of water by rjknits
Seagull in a pool of water, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

For Project Spectrum (September), I went to one of the beaches by the bay, and looked for natural yellow elements. The sand and yellow reflections on the water here, made for a fun picture. Alas, no knitting for the color yellow was done. I’ll post other images, once I’ve sorted through them. But this one sums up the end of summer and beginning of autumn for me — bittersweet and filled with rain.

Drowsy, downy, solitary bee

bee hiding behind a flower

Picture of bee taken at the height of summer -- when bees ARE busy

I must have swept against its rest, among sunflowers by the way,

For a solitary, sleepy, snoozing un-busy bee clung to my leg,

Sprawled over my knee. Pollen clung to her legs, antennae,

And fuzzy body spritzed by dew.

It must have been a good party in the sunflowers,

Leaving her drowsing in the cold morning —

Her clear wings, pearlescent, periwinkle,

Drawn up against the chilly air.

As she stirred, I gently picked a leaf

And held it under one foot until she stepped away from

The strangeness of cotton fabric — one leg, two leg, three leg —

So I could leave her drowsing

In a stand of half-furled chrysanthemums.

— (C) rjn 9/3/2009

Lets go down to the sunset bridge

sunsetbridgeLet’s go down to the sunset bridge

And watch the working barge go by

And watch the mosquitoes bite people,

And stare up at the maroon sky….

— with all apologies to Don Henley